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My Backstory

-Benjamin Newton (Founder)

I've always loved films, I mean who hasn't? Everyone loves kicking back and putting their feet up while watching their favorite film, so I thought I'd give it a go myself. So between the ages of 12-15, I created and uploaded videos to about 6 different YouTube channels. While admittedly, they weren't great, I did gain some important skills in my ventures such as learning the ins and outs of Adobe Premiere CC as well as being able to work my way around Adobe Photoshop CC as well. Shortly after that, when I was 16, after becoming a film student I decided to open my own Production Company, which is the one you're on the website for right now.


BNF Productions

Founded January 2021

So, BNF Productions came into the light and a world of filming possibilities opened up. I started making my first short films in 2022 and instantly became obsessed with the process. The company is very fond of the film and media industry, contributing by creating stories that will impact people and make them re-think something about their life or the wider society. For me, Benjamin Newton Productions is a place myself and many others can use to fully express ourselves and let our creative minds run riot.

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The Goal

The goal is to produce a plethora of different projects all over the world and feature new and upcoming talents in the industry, as well as business and non-profit organisations that could use a little more of the spotlight. Here at Benjamin Newton Productions, we want to create a community that aspiring creatives can look up to and feel connected to.

We did it, so why can't you?

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